Ali Zaqzooq



I am a fighter for the National Thai Boxing of Jordan (2007-2015). I have also fought around of the word in many international competitions. This makes sports a very important thing in my life. I studied physical education in the Hashemite University. I desire to quality. Experience that will allow me to take on full advantages of my sports knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout the years


  • A Management and sport training – Hashemite University.
  • Synergy 360 course
  • First aid and defib
  • Certified personal trainer the Hashemiteuniversity2011
  • Certified swimming from Coach Jordan
  • Training camp for Thai boxing Bangkok 2009
  • Training camp for Thai boxing Istanbul 2010
  • 3rdDan in kick boxing
  • 2ndDan in kyokushinkay karate
  • Red and yellow degree in Thai boxing
  • Fundamentals of mobility for functional training (ace 2016)
  • Training camp for Thai boxing Thailand 2018                 


  • Weight loss
  • Body building
  • Kickboxing boxing
  • Thai boxing
  • Boxing kettle bell
  • Functional mobility training

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